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How do I Sort my Measure Names in Tableau?

When displaying the Dimension, Measure Names, on a sheet, Tableau will automatically sort them in Alphabetical Order.

More often than not this is exactly what we need and if it fits what we are aiming for then there is no need to tamper with it.

But on occasion, we will want to sort the order in which our Measures are viewed on the sheet. In this instance, and again we are using our data from the fictitious K Good Company, our Measures Sales & Profit are initially what most people might view as the ‘wrong way around’.

We want to change that and there are a few ways of doing it.

Change in the Marks Card

Our first option is to change our Measure Name from the pill in the Marks Card.

Change in the Colour Legend

We can also sort the order from the Colour Legend over tot he right of the sheet.

Change the order in the Shelf

There is also the option of editing the Measure Names in the Columns Shelf. Once you have decided you’re starting point, you can follow the same steps with the same results all the way through to the end.

Where do go from here?

After selecting Sort you will see a window pop up Sort [Measure Names]. We want to change the sort method from Alphabetic to Manual and we do this by simply selecting the drop down menu and selecting Manual Sort.

Our Measure Names Profit and Sales pop in and it is simply a case of selecting the measure name you want to move, holding the same and bringing it above the other. We have now sorted the order and the read makes a lot more sense.

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