How can I build a Calendar in Tableau?
How can I build a Calendar in Tableau?

In this week’s Tableau tip we look at how you can build a calendar in Tableau and how you can use it to highlight data on a daily basis.

How can I build a Calendar in Tableau?

You will first need to bring your Order Date to the filter box and choose Month/Year. After you choose Next you will be brought to the a list of months. Choose the one you wan to analyse. IN this case, we are going to look at March 2016.

How can I build a calendar in Tableau?

Next, you will bring your Order Date in to Columns Shelf and from the dropdown select Weekday.

Now bring the same Order Date to Rows and pick Week Number.

You will see that the when we pull Profit onto Colour on the Marks Card, our calendar is already beginning to take shape.

At this stage it’s probably an idea to make it bigger by switching to Entire View and why not edit your title at this point too.

It’s also an excellent time to get rid of any ink that you deem unnecessary such the header on the X – axis here. We already have March 2016 in the title and the days so we don’t need to include the payroll week in the header. So let’s untick Show Header.

There is clearly something amiss however and that is the day in the calendar itself. This is easy enough to amend but you need to be careful.

First, take your Order Date again and bring it onto the Label on the Marks Card. You’ll notice that this actually gets rid of your coloured squares. So you will need to go back to your Marks Card and choose Square from the dropdown.

You can now amend your Tooltip to leave it clean and uncluttered. Drag Order Date onto Tooltip on the Marks Card and when the dialogue box opens up, get rid of everything except for Order Date and Profit.

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