We deliver fast, decision-quality insight that helps our customers turn their data into competitive advantage.

We deliver fast, decision-quality insight that helps our customers turn their data into competitive advantage. Image

Value-First Approach

We approach each project with the goal of creating real and tangible business value. We guarantee a 100% Return on Investment within 12 months of our completed work (or even sooner in some cases).

Delivers Business Specific Value

Our solutions are designed around specific business questions linked directly to value. This is our core focus.

Prioritises Speed To Insight

We will develop dashboards specific to the solution within months. Our priority is to deliver decision quality, accurate and secure information to our customer as fast as possible.

Bridges The Data Culture Chasm

We get you the dashboard you want, while helping IT build the foundations they need to ensure your data tech stack is robust and secure. We’re tech-agnostic, meaning we’ll use proven tools and approaches that match your organisation’s data appetite and readiness.

Accelerates Your Finance Data Project

With our expertise and resources, The Information Lab  can implement data analytics solutions and provide insights allowing core finance and IT teams to focus on key business activities.

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What We Do For Our Clients

We solve the problems that large enterprises have with their data. Read about the challenge

Mitigate Risk Image

Mitigate Risk

We use data governance best practices to ensure compliancy and security standards are met, protecting your business from potential financial penalties and reputational damage in the event of a data breach.

Deliver Speed To Insight Image

Deliver Speed To Insight

We create processes that deliver the insight you need, when you need it - allowing you to gain competitive advantage by seizing business opportunities at just the right time.

Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiencies Image

Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiencies

We automate labour intensive processes to reduce the time and resources needed to produce business critical reports.

Ensure Data Accuracy Image

Ensure Data Accuracy

By automating processes, we can avoid the risk of human error, empowering you to make informed decisions based on accurate and consistent data.

What We Deliver

How We Deliver

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Why Businesses Choose The Information Lab

Trusted Partners

I've been really impressed with the work produced by The Information Lab from the outset. Their consultants engage brilliantly with the wider team and they've gone above and beyond for us on several occasions. It's so important for us to be able to trust our partners and with The Information Lab, we can really do that. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Dermot Farrell

Senior Project Manager, NBI


Working with the Information Lab has been transformational for us. We’ve gone from being a very underutilised (and underappreciated) analytics team before we engaged with Information Lab, to our work being the first touch point for nearly everything that happens at Hostelworld (epitomised most recently by winning the Customer Insights Award at the 2023 Analytics and AI Awards). Huge thank you to Rob, Dave & team.

Luke Woods

Senior Business Analyst, Hostelworld Group


It's one of the absolute best business partnerships I've been involved in over 20 years in tech. A big part of that is the individuals and the fact that the first thing they will think about is solving the problem for their customer.

Richard Limpkin

Chief Strategy Officer

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