Automating Tax Reporting For a Large Automotive Supplier

Our client, a large automotive supplier, was reliant on a time intensive and resource heavy tax reporting process, that put them at risk of late filing penalties. Their tax filing process needed a total transformation.


months to build

10 month

length of old process

1 day

length of new process

The Pain

Every year, our client – a multinational automotive supplier headquartered in Michigan – went through an arduous tax reporting process that involved multiple ERP systems, data sources and business units. It usually took an entire team ten months to complete. 

That meant:

  • A high-cost process

  • Risk of late filing fees

  • Low job satisfaction in the tax team

  • High potential for human error

  • Significant financial risk

How We Did It

  1. POC. We ran an initial PoC connecting SAP data to Alteryx and removing the need for manual processes

  2. Tool selection. We worked with the client to identify the tools that would work best with their existing tech and company culture

  3. Aggregating data in Snowflake. We directly connected the source systems, and structured the data so it could be used for reporting

  4. Standardising the data. We translated the underlying business logic into a standardised format that data engineers could work with

  5. Beating the deadline. The entire project took about 3 months from start to finish – and was completed in time to beat the tax filing deadline and avoid any late fees

The Outcome

  • The process is down from ten months to one day

  • Reporting is automated across multiple platforms and ERP systems

  • Accuracy is greatly improved

  • Documentation happens automatically 

  • No more late filing fees

  • Team morale is boosted: eliminating the people-heavy, highly manual, error-prone process (and spreadsheets) has freed the tax team to spend their time analysing reports – not creating them

  • Huge potential for tax optimisation in the future - the team can now mine the data for insights in Power BI

  • Rigorous documentation of the business logic has laid groundwork for future innovation and automation initiatives

From ten months down to a day. This is unheard of in tax circles.

John Craig, VP of Tax

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