Our Approach - Trusted by CFOs

At the Information Lab Ireland, we are committed to delivering business value and addressing critical business queries with comprehensive data from across the entire organisation.

Our data strategy consultancy is renowned for handling sensitive data for global brands with utmost trust and professionalism. We adhere to ISO27001 standards, establishing a foundation of trust and best practices in managing client information. Our methodologies are meticulously crafted to uphold the integrity and trustworthiness of our clients' data.

We specialise in delivering precise, high-quality information, empowering CEOs and senior management to base their critical business decisions on reliable data sources. Our analytical skills allow us to unearth insights, discerning patterns and key performance indicators throughout the organisation. Rigorous data reconciliation is a cornerstone of our approach, ensuring the accuracy of every dataset. This approach ensures we are trusted by CFOs.

In the design of data pipelines, we implement rigorous control checks to promptly identify any discrepancies or anomalies. Financial metrics are assigned a confidence score, reflecting our assurance in the data's accuracy. This innovative process includes pinpointing both expected and unexpected variances, and we actively communicate these findings to our clients, aiding them in allocating and addressing these discrepancies effectively.

Our reports to finance teams are designed not just to inform but to enhance their monthly processes, driving superior data quality, diminishing inaccuracies, and boosting confidence in their data.

This comprehensive and diligent approach is consistent across all our services, whether in placements and secondments, managed services, or in the design and construction of our data platforms.