How can I get rid of Ink from Bars in Tableau?
How can I get rid of Ink from Bars in Tableau?

Sometimes, if your dashboard is very detailed or if you simply want to fit a certain aesthetic, you might want to get rid of ink from bars (or indeed any mark) in Tableau. This is really quite easy and takes just a few steps.


We are using some dummy data from World Indicators and we are going to look at % of the world’s urban population across five continents and how they are distributed.

We start with a simple blue bar chart.

From here we go to our marks card and select Colour and from the window select Border. you can choose whichever colour suits your brand colours but for this bog we have gone with black which you can just see faintly around the bars now.

We then go to Opacity and take it all the way down to zero, thereby removing the blue altogether.

If you wanted to take it a step further, you could also remove the …

Simply right click on the pane and select Format. You will see the Format Pane open on the left of your workspace.

From there simply select the Grid Lines and set them to None.

Simple as that really and ready to put on to your dashboard along with other Sheets.

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