How can I remove Zero on my Axis in Tableau?
How can I remove Zero on my Axis in Tableau?

On occasion and often it can be just purely for aesthetics or reasons of space, you might want to get rid of zero from your Axis line. You might think that simply editing your axis is the way to go but this can sometimes lead to problems with the actual chart and adjust the marks in a manner that may skew the chart.

There are some very simple steps you can take to remove zero from your Axis in Tableau should you wish to do so.

We are going to take a very simple bar chart that we created using World Indicators Data. IN this instance we want to look at life expectancy across The Americas but we want to remove zero from the Y-axis.

Remove Zero from Axis in Tableau

Go to your Y-axis and right click. This will bring out a pop-up. From here you need to choose Format.

You may need to use the Custom (Number) in some cases to remove decimals, change currency or convert 1,000s to k but when you have settled on the type of format you are happy with, you can go to the bottom of the menu, choose Custom and take the final steps to remove zero from your axis in Tableau.

By going to the end of the values, simply add a semi-colon and then hit the spacebar and zero disappears.

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