How do I build a Scatterplot in Tableau to Highlight Poor Performers?
How do I build a Scatterplot in Tableau to Highlight Poor Performers?

For this Scatterplot in Tableau the goal is to see the brands that are not working for us. These are brands that we might be selling badly on and making a loss, selling well on but still making a loss or a below average profit.

Our goal is to

  • Show the negative profit ratio manufacturers
  • Identify the worst
  • Find the next worst
  • And from there decide who we need to talk to about how we move forward or look at other suppliers.

Building a Scatterplot in Tableau

Before we begin we should emphasise that we are a highlighting a negative in this chart. We are looking for poor performers. All the emphasis is on them for this one.

We start by dragging SUM(Sales) onto the Rows Shelf and the AGG(Profit Ratio) onto the Columns Shelf.

We then add Manufacturer onto the Label (this is a very important step and one that will allow for easier navigation) and follow that with AGG(Profit Ratio) onto Colour and Size.

After you have brought these onto the Marks Card you want to make two changes. You want to change the colour scheme to a single gradable colour. This will allow us to use the shade to show a graduated difference in the value.

Follow that by reversing the size order of the Marks (circles) from minus to plus. Remember we are highlighting poor performers so we do this to emphasise that part of the story.

At this stage, the circles are a little small. So let’s increase the size.

You could also fill the mark and edit the colour sequence to reverse the shading. Again this helps to highlight the poor performers.

Finally, and this works really well if you are making a presentation, add Profit Ratio and Manufacturers to Filters and don’t forget to tick Show Filters so it will display and can be interacted with.

It looks like there are a couple of companies we need to talk to.

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