Supergroup: A Data Driven Culture That Reached €42bn in Revenue
Supergroup: A Data Driven Culture That Reached €42bn in Revenue

The name Supergroup may not mean a lot to you but it’s almost certain that you’ll have heard of their brands – Betway (a premier online sports betting brand) and Spin (an online casino). Aside from bringing in €42bn in revenue last year, Supergroup boast an ever increasing global footprint with entry into the lucrative US market next in their sights. In short, Supergroup are playing a blinder.

But, what makes them so successful?

Supergroup operate a high growth strategy with advanced data driven analytics at its heart. In their own words:

“Our high-growth strategy is underpinned by our two distinct offerings and our ever-increasing global footprint. Through our advanced data driven analytics, we are laser focused on providing our customers with the most engaging entertainment possible.”

By looking at LinkedIn data, we can see that investment in Supergroup’s data team has ramped up significantly since Anthony Workman’s appointment as Supergroup CEO in November 2017. Back in November 2017 Supergroup had a total of 16 data hires on their team, rising to a total of 73 data hires in 2021, with the result that they increased their data team by 356% in four years. This mass hiring comprised of 41 data analysts, 15 data engineers and 3 data scientists. Ultimately, this allowed Supergroup to put data at the core of everything they do, with this concept following three main pillars:

  • Accuracy: Data is collected in real time using best-in-class technology.
  • Uniformity: Decisions across the group are based on the same data.
  • Robustness: All potential variables and scenarios are considered when making a decision.

Based on the workforce data, Workman’s appointment saw a culture shift where the organisation began to see data as being the unique operational advantage that they needed to gain a competitive edge in the online betting and gaming industry. Since Workman’s appointment Supergroup has seen rapid growth with the last five six month periods enjoying 30% growth and the group bringing in €42bn in annual revenue in the 2021 financial year. By putting data at the core of everything that they do, from customer acquisition and monitoring the customer journey to creating an effective safe gaming strategy, Supergroup have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry.

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