Tableau Viz web component for Salesforce Lightning – Three Simple Steps to Lightning Data Enlightenment
Tableau Viz web component for Salesforce Lightning – Three Simple Steps to Lightning Data Enlightenment

Tableau Viz Lightning web component makes it easy to integrate Tableau visualizations into Salesforce. In just a few clicks your Salesforce admin or developer can integrate any Tableau dashboard into a Salesforce Lightning page and get all the great benefits of visualising data and the insights it offers.

“Embedding Tableau dashboards into salesforce allows your business see the data exactly where they need see it,” says Rob Carroll, The Information Lab. “It’s really fluid so now there’s no need to keep chopping and changing applications. You can search for a customer and immediately see the relevant dashboard filtered to show exactly the insights you need.”

Tableau Viz Lightning web component is available on Salesforce AppExchange and it couldn’t be easier to install and use.

How do I install Tableau Viz Lightning web component?

You will first need to get Tableau Viz from the Salesforce AppExchange and download it into your Salesforce org.

With three clicks, the Lightning web component is ready to be used in Salesforce.

  1. From the App Launcher App Launcher find and select a page to embed the Tableau visualization.
  2. Click the Setup gear in the top right above your canvasSetup gear and then select Edit Page.
  3. You will see the Lightning Components list on the left and under the category Custom – Managed you’ll see the Tableau Visualization component. Simply drag and drop this onto your Canvas – Tableau will automatically populate the view with a viz from Tableau Public. All you have to do is the provide the URL for the viz you want to work with.

You will need to get the URL of the visualization you want to embed from Tableau Server, Tableau Online, or Tableau Public. The Tableau Viz Lightning web component supports all versions of Tableau. Once you have embedded your Tableau Visualization you can customise the size of the viz relative to your Salesforce dashboard. You can also change the tabs and toolbar options within the dashboard.

You can set up Tableau Server and Tableau Online for single sign-on (SSO), so that users of the Tableau Lightning web component won’t have to sign in to Tableau every time they visit the Salesforce page.

The Tableau Lightning web component includes built-in support for filtering the view based upon the Lightning record page you are embedding the view in. The component lets you configure how the view is displayed in Salesforce, and provides additional filtering capabilities based upon Tableau and Salesforce fields you select.

In this short video the wonderful Geraldine Zanolli from Tableau talks you through some of the main features.


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