Daft.ie - a Tableau Embed solution
Daft.ie - a Tableau Embed solution

Daft.ie is Ireland’s leading property website and app — and we felt right at home crafting a dynamic Tableau Embed solution to help them connect to the vast amounts of data on their platforms.

We understood their need to empower users to make informed decisions in a volatile property market. We helped fine-tune their data analysis to enhance their innovative product features and inform Ireland’s most valuable property market analysis tool — The Daft Report.

A dynamic Tableau Embed solution for Ireland’s leading property website and app

Project goals

  • To build industry leading analytics tools for agents on the move
  • Enable a cloud-based platform that lets Daft agents access and analyse their own data securely
  • Provide benchmarking for agents against similar competitors and against the wider market


  • Deployed Tableau Embed within Daft’s existing AWS infrastructure. Provisioned servers using CloudFormation script and and installed Tableau on the servers at the click of a button
  • Trained Daft analysts in Tableau design best practices
  • Reports were built to be compatible across multiple device types, to a product designer’s specification


  • Fully mobile transformation — Daft agents now have full access to market insight reports on multiple devices
  • Daft analysts can now create new reports and amend current deliveries based on customer feedback
  • The Tableau Server AWS implementation is resilient and can easily be upgraded or restored if there’s an outage