How NBI Are Using Automated Reporting To Help Them Roll Out Ireland’s Largest Infrastructure Project Since 1965
How NBI Are Using Automated Reporting To Help Them Roll Out Ireland’s Largest Infrastructure Project Since 1965

NBI – an organisation responsible for connecting communities to high fibre broadband – is in the process of rolling out the largest infrastructure project in rural Ireland since rural electrification, stretching across 96% of Ireland’s land mass. In order to achieve this, they partnered with us to build an automated reporting solution that would allow them to reach their business goals.

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The Problem

Prior to this project, NBI was reliant on a hugely manual reporting process that gathered data from various sources, including Excel and PowerPoint. This process posed a number of challenges. These were:

The high level of dependencies

There was a high level of dependencies with multiple people required to complete reports. In some cases a deck could have 20 sections with different people working on each section. This meant that there was a risk of reports not being completed due to annual leave or unforeseen absences.

A lack of interactivity

Due to the static nature of the reports, there was no ability to filter information, see trends or ask questions of the data.

Time required to complete reports

The manual reporting process in place before this project was extremely time consuming. This meant that there were occasions where the data in some sections of the report would be out of date before the report was finished.


The Solution

Our consultants worked with NBI’s Analytics team to create a fully automated reporting solution. To do this we offered guidance on the tools that would best suit NBI’s needs and set about implementing them. These tools were AWS for processing and storing information and Tableau for both internal and external reporting.


The Result

Upon completion of this project, NBI had a fully self-service selection of Tableau dashboards. These dashboards allowed key business information to be consumed automatically, mitigating the need for time consuming data preparation. 

Some of the key value adds were:

  • Huge time savings over numerous KPIs
  • Interactivity – the ability to filter data, ask questions and see trends
  • The mitigation of risk by limiting dependencies
  • Accessibility – the reports are readily available for those who need them
  • Clarity – a colour coded system clearly flags any areas where expectations are not being met

In a nutshell, NBI now have a single source of truth for their reports where all stakeholders can easily log in to see various dashboards with the KPIs that are important to them.

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