BBC World Service - a media content project
BBC World Service - a media content project

The BBC World Service is an international broadcast giant, whose stories have reached every corner of the globe. It’s the largest and most respected news service in the world, and publishes on websites, apps, partner sites and social media.

After they called on us, we opened up a world of valuable insights behind the headlines.

The BBC is all about telling stories — and we opened up their world even more

Project goals

  • To provide BBC employees with live insights into published content performance across different platforms
  • Make those insights available to services around the world
  • To create powerful visualisations of services being viewed in real time, by location


  • Created best practice dashboards and provided continued support for the BBC’s dashboard developers
  • Deployed Tableau Server to share up-to-date, governed reports to relevant employees


  • BBC employees have access to live interactive dashboards unveiling insights to World Service performance
  • Viewing figures can now be seen and understood easily and quickly
  • Content can now be streamlined and unwatched content either cut or replaced — to ensure optimisation of broadcast funding