New Features in Tableau 2020.2
New Features in Tableau 2020.2

Late last week Tableau released its latest iteration of Tableau Desktop. That is a little like Christmas around these parts and our team couldn’t wait to unwrap the offering and see what it could do. Suffice to say, Tableau 2020.2 is wowing us with its top new features and at The Information Lab Ireland we thought we would share our favourite new features with you.

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Every new release of Tableau brings new and exciting features across the product. These features help improve and extend functionality while making user experience better for creating analysis or consuming content.

Top new features in Tableau 2020.2

Set Control – Tom Pilgrem, Head Coach, Graduate Training Programme

What I’m most excited about in the Tableau 2020.2 release is Set Control. I’ve rephrased this “multi-select parameters” as it allows the user to easily select one or more values to enter a set.

While we were testing the Beta, we found some great use cases for doing competitor analysis which I’m looking forward to implementing in other examples.

“It really allows for greater user flexibility…”

For example, this is great for client facing reports, where you can now allow your users to select a number of competitors to add to a set. They will then see their metrics against an aggregated “competitor average”. It really allows for greater user flexibility but also allows you to keep sensitive information secure.

Improvements to the Server – Kevin Lynch, Chief Technical Officer

Tableau have made a really useful improvements to the Server in that it’s now possible to make a lot of TSM changes without needing to restart the server, this will reduce server downtime significantly and make active management of the server easier for administrators.

Metrics Feature – Daniel Ling, Consultant

The new Metrics feature allows you to create KPI’s to track your data from mobile or browser in one handy place. They make it so simple too. All you have to do is add your new metrics from nearly any existing dashboard or chart and you can curate them in one place. The thing I really like is that you can create metrics from different dashboards whether it’s sales, operations, marketing and view them all in one place, on mobile or in your browser. They are automatically formatted and look really good together.

“…an instant business overview”

It means you can see metrics from multiple data sources and dashboards in one place. So it’s a bit like a pic ‘n mix for say your CEO who wants to see performance across multiple dashboards but not have to go into each one. You’re giving them an instant business overview.

Relationships – Ian Baldwin, Consultant

Tableau 2020.2 allows you to visually create logical relationships between tables. The Tableau Data Model is a game changer for how we think about preparing data for analysis. Star and Snowflake schema can now be brought straight into Tableau and we no longer need to spend time flattening them before analysis. Relationships handle that to give you the right level of detail at the right time. It means you can combine more data sources with more confidence than ever before. I have to say, this is my favourite Tableau feature in years.

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