Has it really been that long since Tableau’s last update? Well, no actually. In fact, Tableau last iteration hit the shelves (excuse the pun) in May. But there have already been so many changes and updates, our partners have decided to release Tableau 2020.3. As always, our consultants are a little bit giddy with all the excitement around some great new features and yet again Tableau is wowing us with its top new features. At The Information Lab Ireland we have got into the habit of sharing the things we like in the updates so that you can jump straight in and see how they can help your organisation to get the most from its data. Here we map out a few of the best new features in Tableau 2020.3

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Every new release of Tableau brings new and exciting features across the product. These features help improve and extend functionality while making user experience better for creating analysis or consuming content.

Our Favourite New Features in Tableau 2020.3

Adding New Map Backgrounds

Nikita Parab, Consultant

Adding new map background using Mapbox has been made easier in this update. You can now directly enter new map using the URL. This makes integrating new map styles in Tableau much easier and user friendly. You can also easily manage maps by editing the URL, deleting and also checking out the style for easy sharing.

New Filter Option

Nikita Parab, Consultant

Searching Dimensions, Measures and Calculations has been made much simpler using the filter option. This makes managing and looking for new calculations much easier as you do not need to search for the icons anymore. Before this, I used to make a folder and keep all my calculations in it. I’m happy to say that I don’t need to do that anymore.

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Building a Stronger Relationship with SAP HANA

Daisy Jones, Consultant

One of the great things about the new release is that Tableau has now created a better relationship with SAP HANA and Certified Tableau products to the official SAP Certification. This integration allows an improved experience for customers to connect to their data.

With SAP HANA’s new feature of S/4HANA, customers can view their transactional data and analytics in the same database and so give shared customers straightforward access to their data.


New Features in Tableau 2020.3 continued

Subscription Runs on Extract Refresh

Siobhán Purcell, Consultant

With Tableau 2020.3, you can now get an email subscription to run when the underlying data extract refreshes. This makes it easy to get out the latest data as soon as it’s available.

IN() Function

Kevin Lynch, Chief Technical Officer

Gone are the days of long IF or Case statements to manage string comparisons, this functionality will make it a lot easier to create calculated fields for grouping text attributes.

For more on this, check out this great post from Fearghal Gunning of Tableau

Write to Database with Tableau Prep

Ian Baldwin, Senior Consultant

With write to database as an output option, Tableau Prep is finally feeling like an enterprise ETL tool. They’ve started with seven of the most common databases to write to including SQL Server, Postgres and Oracle, and we expect to see many more output options built in over the coming versions.

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