From Hyderabad to Letterkenny – Avinash Munnangi & his Tableau Journey
From Hyderabad to Letterkenny – Avinash Munnangi & his Tableau Journey

When Avinash Munnangi started his career in IT some nine years ago he had no idea he would end up in the wilds of beautiful Donegal.

“My father owns a farm in India,” says the thirty-one-year-old, “so I’m used to the countryside. Though it is a little different from India.”

Avinash moved to Letterkenny with his wife, Gayathri, four years ago after he was offered an opportunity with PraMerica. The couple met in Hyderabad, the epicentre of India’s IT sector, and around the same time Avinash first came across Tableau. 

The Journey with Tableau

“At the end of 2015, I got an opportunity to work on a proof of concept within Optum where I was working,” he says. “At the time, I used to work heavily on MSDN stack, using it especially for reporting but I switched to Tableau and I found it was far faster doing the same task. So that made me very curious about the tool and I took it from there.”

As he began to explore the power of Tableau, Avinash discovered the wealth of knowledge within the Tableau community and that same community’s willingness to share.

“I came across DataFam, MakeoverMonday and other Tableau challenges where I learnt so many things,” he says. “It’s been almost seven years. I never took any courses in Tableau. Everything I learnt was self-taught and through those community resources and blogs from the likes of Andy Kriebel. That was the fun part. It is a real honour to be presenting alongside Andy at the TUG.”

Avinash, who is now back working with Optum in Donegal, still uses Tableau for at least seventy-five percent of his work. The love affair which started seven years ago continues.

Tableau’s Flexibility

“It is so flexible,” he says. “Whatever I think of, for example if I want to recreate my face or whatever picture I want, I can easily do it with the X and Y coordinates. It is so intuitive. So apart from business dashboards, whatever I want to create, I can do it in Tableau.”

Avinash is a prolific dashboard builder. He has built over one-hundred-and-fifty vizzes on the Tableau Public platform and been awarded Viz of the Day on two occasions. Project Cerebro placed him in first position in Ireland based on viz favourites in Tableau Public

When he is not working hard on his Tableau projects, Aviansh spends time with his wife and young son, Vedhik.

“I love living in Ireland,” he says. “Ireland has lush, green landscapes and lots of beaches to see and enjoy. I really liked Carrick-Finn beach beside Donegal airport. The views are stunning, and I love to see the aeroplanes landing from the beach.” 

This will be Avinash’s second presentation at TUG Ireland and on September 7th, he will focus on the Ask Data function in Tableau and how best to use it. We are very much looking forward to hearing both his and Andy Kriebel’s presentations on the day.