Tableau User Group Ireland – Tableau Offers Clarity for Deutsche’s David O Cinnéide
Tableau User Group Ireland – Tableau Offers Clarity for Deutsche’s David O Cinnéide

Next Wednesday, November 3rd, The Information Lab Ireland is proud to host the fourth Tableau User Group Ireland of 2021.

We have two great guests lined up with newly ‘minted’ Tableau Ambassador, Katie Kilroy, from Arlo Technologies, Inc. and Deutsche Bank’s David ó Cinnéide joining us for Lessons from the Front Lines of Learning on November 3rd.

Between them, they have well over a decade of Tableau experience and have delivered and inspired others to enhance their skills both inside and outside their organisations.


Ahead of the event, The Information Lab caught up with David to find out more about his journey in Data, his thoughts on Data Visualisation and what we can look forward to hearing about on the 3rd.

Ten years in Data Analytics

David’s background in Economics gave him a sound platform from which to dive into data. Over the last decade, he has held data analytics roles in Finance, Media, Technology, and Aviation.  For the past five years he has been specialising in visual analytics and is a strong advocate of Tableau.

The journey with Tableau

Back in October 2019 he was asked to join the Cloud & Innovation Network’s Engineering team at Deutsche Bank as Visualisation lead. David’s journey with Tableau started when he discovered that “pictures are better than numbers” when it comes to presenting data.

“I need to be able to express ideas with clarity,” says the Dubliner. “People are busy, sometimes time-poor and they need to be able to see data in the most engaging way possible. If it’s presented simply and clearly that really helps with that engagement.”

This will be David’s second presentation at an Irish TUG and guests are in for some really valuable insights around the design and delivery of internal training programmes.

Internal training programme

“Visual Analytics is hard to get right, especially with the steep learning curve that Tableau has,” he says. “We designed an internal training programme in DB, and I think there are some lessons from that which others may find useful in designing their own.”

“These meet ups are great and fantastic ways to meet like minded professionals, network, build some friendships,” he says. “I make it to as many of them as I can, although I’ve been a bit lax since lockdown. I hope the in-person events return soon, and so hopefully does the free beer and pizza!”

We are very much looking forward to that day too but until then, there is plenty for guests to feast on next Wednesday.


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