The Data Challenges Keeping Every Organisation Up at Night

At the start of every year, we pay attention to the key trends affecting us the most.  Reading diligently to keep on top of what’s happening so we are aware of the key topics and buzzwords of the moment.

But what happens after we’ve read those trend reports? How do we take those insights and make actionable plans to positively impact our team and our business?

To help you, our team at The Information Lab Ireland, has collaborated to bring you a series of helpful blogs, webinars and guides to show you how to accelerate your data journey. Providing insights along with real life examples of where organisations like yours have tackled these issues and want to share their learnings so you can elevate the role of data intelligence and help your business grow faster.

Our new blog series will address issues including:

  1. Data Talent - A spotlight on recruitment, retention and development.  With a drastic skills shortage in the market, what does it take to hire and reward talent to ensure you can deliver your business objectives?

  2. Overcoming Legacy System Issues - Have you moved to the cloud yet? Or still working on the business case? Legacy systems migrated to the cloud but the numbers have not yet been reconciled?  This blog will help you learn how to tackle all things related to legacy issues. 

  3. Data Standardisation: Without standardisation of data, challenges in data quality, consistency, and reliability, can compromise decision-making processes. Establishing data standards is essential for accurate reporting, analysis, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. This guide will show you how.

  4. Trust in Financial Numbers: Unreconciled financial numbers that are not trusted due to poor data quality undermine financial decision-making and stakeholder confidence. Implementing robust data management and reconciliation processes is crucial for accurate financial reporting and building trust. 

  5. Dashboard Quality: Poor quality in enterprise-grade dashboards can lead to misinformed decisions based on incomplete or incorrect data visualisation. High-quality, well-designed dashboards are critical for presenting accurate, timely data that supports effective decision-making. Create a roadmap to accelerate your journey to achieving high dashboards that make decision making easier.

  6. Compliance and Regulatory Challenges - Every industry is governed by a variety of data protection and privacy laws, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or CCPA, which mandate strict data handling and processing standards. Migrating legacy systems to the cloud without adequate checks can lead to non-compliance, where data might be stored in prohibited locations or in formats that do not comply with legal requirements, resulting in significant fines and legal issues. With regulations constantly changing and an increased focus on ESG, how will you plan your data roadmap to deal with new data requirements?

  7. Stakeholder Management & Communications - Inundated with requests for dashboards, reports and new ways to view the same data? Has your business recently merged or acquired another and you need to consolidate data for a single view of what’s happening? The success or failure of any data project depends on effective management and communication of key stakeholders.  We will share insights from our team and clients on what to avoid, must haves and tips and tricks to smooth any transition for your team.

  8. AI - How are you preparing for the AI revolution? AI ready data is well governed, secure, free of bias, enriched, accurate and high quality. If that makes you break out in a sweat it should be no surprise that getting a clear, accurate picture of where your data is right now is crucial in order to map your path to AI readiness.  This blog will show you how.

If any of these issues ring true and you’d like to speak to our team to see how we can help, please reach out and take a look at our DataAdvance offering as an effective way to accelerate your data journey.