A new chapter for your data

A new chapter for your data

There’s a story behind your data, and we’ll help you find it. We’re always curious.

See things clearly
See things clearly

Where you might see a mess of data, we see hidden possibilities. We bring order, simplicity and clarity

The right tools
The right tools

It’s all about trailblazing modern technologies and methods, without losing that human connection

Empowerment through knowledge
Empowerment through knowledge

We believe in lifelong learning — through training and consultation we can be an important step on your data journey

Where are you on your data journey?

A data-driven culture doesn’t happen overnight, but it starts with the right mindset. When we analyse where you are on your data journey, we’ll find the next step for you.
We’ll help you Prepare Data; Design Data; Explore Data, and Scale Data. Through dialogue and collaboration, you’ll know how to make sense of the information at your fingertips.

Learning experiences

The Information Lab sees way beyond top-down learning. We believe in creating and nurturing a data-driven culture that turns your whole workforce into information scientists, each one asking the right questions of your data.

Our customised training programmes and other learning experiences will help your company evolve as one, and anticipate the future.

Collective knowledge

The Information Lab’s Tableau and Alteryx consultants are spread all over Europe, but we’re never far away. Our Centre of Excellence is an in-house community forum that puts you in touch with 200 of our professionals and an ever-growing number of customers.

It’s all about collaboration and sharing knowledge with each other — an ethos that drives every aspect of The Information Lab.

Finding the value in your data

Now that data is the most valuable asset in the modern world, you need to know what to do with it. Over the last decade, The Information Lab has been asking questions of data, and we want to share our answers with you.

We are experts in market-leading platforms such as Tableau and Alteryx, but we move seamlessly between the digital and the physical sphere. There’s no substitute for human ingenuity, curiosity and innovation, and we nurture these values in all of our training and consultation experiences.

No industry is the same, but we can create a culture of data-driven excellence in any company, based on our experience working on a wide range of projects, from small independent companies, to leading multinationals. We have delivered transformative data solutions for companies in a huge range of industries such as energy trading, healthcare, travel and professional service organisations.

We split our passion between analytics and data visualisation, with the latter becoming ever crucial as screen time evolves how we process information. We care about telling a story with a consistent message. If we’ve kept you or your clients informed and engaged, we’ve done our job.

Let us know if we can help you make sense of your data — we know what to do with messy.