Support for Tableau Customers

Support for Tableau Customers

We are always ready to support our customers in their push towards self-sufficiency in Data Analytics.


At the heart of The Information Lab is a desire to encourage people to adopt a data-driven culture across their organisations. 

We are at the forefront of driving that change and we want to be able to help our clients and their stakeholders every single step of the way. As part of our service, we offer a range of support structures to suit the requirements of our customers. So whether you are an SME or Enterprise Organisation, you can rest assured that we are always there for you.

What Supports can The Information Lab offer me?

The Centre Of Excellence

For most of your queries, The Information Lab’s Centre of Excellence will be your first port of call. As one of our customers, you automatically become part of this hive of information with access to over four hundred of our consultants across Europe.

The Centre of Excellence can answer questions around best practice, dashboard design, data cleansing and so much more. Our team is always open to giving critiques and can point you towards resources for developing your skills – many of them were written and compiled by people who are part of the team.

The Information Lab’s Centre of Excellence prides itself on giving quick answers to problem-specific issues. We already know who you are and what your professional needs are, so we’ll be able to answer questions more directly and in a more focused manner than other forums. Convo’s tagging feature allows our Convo admins to guide clients to the consultant or consultants most suitable for your specific query and allows you to keep in touch with how possible solutions are progressing.

If required we can open a support ticket with you and escalate your issue to Tableau but more often than not you will get what you need in our Centre Of Excellence.

  • Access to top Tableau experts
  • Possibility to escalate
  • Knowledge of customer

Support Desk

Our Support Desk is a dedicated hotline for problems around Tableau and the other services we partner with at The Information Lab. If you feel you need assistance with an issue and want to deal with that issue with the utmost integrity and privacy, then the Fresh Desk is the place to start. We will create a ticket for the task in hand, get a dedicated technician to deal with your issue as soon as possible and keep track of all communication and steps taken in and around the process. If we discover that the issue needs to be escalated to Tableau’s Support team, we can do that too and we always make sure we keep track of that for you.

  • Privacy and integrity
  • A dedicated technician to deal with your issue
  • Tracking of all communications and step-by-step completion

Your account manager

We are dedicated to your success and want your Tableau journey to be as rewarding as possible. If you have been a client of The Information Lab for any length of time, you will already know how hands on and supportive we like to be with our clients – it is kind of in our DNA. We love helping organisations get the most from their data. If that journey is ever interrupted, we are always on hand. Every Information Lab customer has an account manager to look after them and we are always eager to help.

If we can’t solve the problem ourselves we know people who can and if required we can escalate your issue to Tableau (see more on Tableau Support below) on your behalf. Though we hand over the responsibility to Tableau, we stay on the ticket making sure we can offer support and add context should it be required.

  • Customer knowledge and familiarity
  • Direct line to your Account Manager

Training as Support

Sometimes your team might have some knowledge of Tableau but need to refine their skills. We see this as being integral to your organisation’s development but it may not require a full day’s training from our standard menu of Training Modules. All businesses are different and will have different needs at different times. If your team needs to hone those skills or has a problem that needs to be addressed as part of an overall skill set then training is a great option for addressing specific issues or simply fine tuning your Tableau skills. Ultimately our goal is to help your team become self-sufficient right across the data analytics spectrum whether that’s in your Server-Admin role or as a Report User. 

  • Bespoke training 
  • Access to the best Tableau coaches in Ireland and across Europe 

The Training Lab

The Training Lab is our new Digital learning and coaching platform. It offers access to the collective knowledge of our trainers but allows you to learn at your own pace. We wanted to rethink the online education model and bring something different to the field. As well as video based and interactive lessons with quizzes and knowledge checks you can call on your coach for feedback, clarification or to help you through any challenges you have with course content or even specific business use cases. The Training Lab is a great way to get your team to learn and upskill at scale, offers a broader view of Tableau and has the added benefit of being kind to your pocket.

  • Value for money
  • Great for smaller teams who want to learn at the same pace
  • Great flexibility
  • Personal touch – access to dedicated coaches


If you or your team are looking for a change in direction or you want to explore new ways of making data-driven decisions then we want to hear from you. Never hesitate to call us in for a consultation. Our team of consultants are the most qualified and experienced team of data analysts and experts in Ireland and remember we have more people right across Europe that can come on board too. Maybe you just want a quick look under the hood of your data operation or you’re thinking of a complete overhaul. Either way, you can give us a call and we are happy to help you add value to your data by making it work best for you. 

  • From architecture reviews to dashboard development
  • Help with evaluating your processes on your data journey
  • Experienced and highly-qualified consultants with years of working with Enterprise level business behind them
Extra Support should you need it

We are sure we can solve pretty much any Tableau issue. As partners we have grown with the product; we have even suggested and developed some of the changes along the way. But sometimes we just need Tableau to manage the technical fixes that might be required and we can open a ticket with them on your behalf and be there all the way. Tableau are just as passionate about data as we are and they are always ready to help their users who are keen to move their data-driven culture forward. Tableau offers a range of Supports ranging from Standard to Premium. 

As a Gold Partner of Tableau we are always happy to sit down with our clients and evaluate whether your organisation would benefit from Premium or Extended Support. All organisations are different and we will always keep your best interests at the core of our advice. We believe that scale is important and can advise you on what is best for your team depending where you are on your Tableau journey .

What Support does Tableau offer?

Standard Support

Standard Support is included with a subscription purchase, the first year of a perpetual license or with an Annual Maintenance Renewal after the first year of a perpetual license. Standard Support is available during regular Tableau business hours. For Priority One issues the licence holder can expect a response within 8 hours while Tableau will start dealing with Priority Two issues within the day. 

  • Priority One issues responded to within 8 hours
  • Three dedicated named contacts
  • Available during business hours

Extended Support

With Extended Support you get all the benefits of Standard Support with that little bit more urgency and reassurance. Tableau’s Extended Support offers accelerated response times and the comfort of 24 x 7 weekend support for critical Priority One issues. Priority One issues responded to within 2 hours or less.

  • Priority Two issues responded to within 8 hours
  • Open 24 x 7 

Premium Support

Premium Support provides complete, proactive account care you can rely on. Premium Support provides a comprehensive set of resources, extended availability and the fastest response time to service issues with 24 x 7 support for Priority One and Priority Two issues. Premium Support also allows you to escalate your issue and get it dealt with as a matter of urgency. Premium Support also allows you to escalate your issue and get it dealt with as a matter of urgency. There are a whole host of other features too, including a dedicated Technical Account Manager, Strategic Planning, Product Roadmap and Feature Engagement and Root Cause Analysis.

  • Priority One tickets responded to in 30 minutes
  • Priority Two tickets responded to within 2 hours
  • Open 24 x 7 
  • Case Escalation and Oversight
  • Product Roadmap and Feature Engagement
  • Root Cause Analysis