Alteryx For Tableau Users (1 day)

SIGN UP TODAY for our FREE Alteryx training for Tableau users. These sessions are always popular and we have recently organised several bookings with our training centre in central London to bring you the great opportunity to learn how to use this fantastic tool!

This unique training opportunity is brought to you courtesy of The Information Lab.

Get to Know Alteryx

Are you a Tableau user who has been wondering what all the recent chat about Alteryx software is all about? You may have seen their recent partnership with Tableau, or announcements about our partnership with Alteryx, or just noticed an increase in social media posts including the #tableau and #alteryx hashtags.

So what’s all this about? It’s about taking the best data visualisation software on the market, and combining it with the best data preparation tool on the market to provide the complete toolkit for today’s analyst. Users of BOTH these software products are the most self reliant data professionals we know.

As a Tableau user, you stopped asking for help with reporting and analysis a long time ago, Tableau users are self reliant when it comes to data analysis. However, there are still times when you need to reach out for help… What if you want to join data sources of different types? Connect to data sources un-supported by Tableau (such as XML, KML, shape files etc)? Perform complex predictive analysis, or complex spatial analysis such as calculating drive times?

Alteryx to the rescue

We want as many Tableau users to understand the capabilities of Alteryx as possible, so are running a series of courses to make this happen. These courses are FREE OF CHARGE.

To give you the very best chance of understanding how Alteryx and Tableau come together, we’re running a full day session with some of the most knowledgeable Tableau and Alteryx users around.


Monthly – see events below for details


Imparando, 56 Commercial Road, Aldgate East Tube, Aldgate East E1 1LP